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These are the different sizes of Swim Whizz Lures currently being offered.


Swim Whizz 4-inch Straight Lures
Designed for Smallmouth Bass, but big fish love it too!

Legendary guide Homer LeBlanc introduced the 4-inch size for Lake St. Clair's smallmouth bass. Its wobbling, darting action has been proven deadly for all types of game fish, from salmon and steelhead to northern pike, walleye and largemouth, too. The 4-inch Swim Whizz is available in a plethora of colors that include old favorites as well as new state-of-the-art designs.


Swim Whizz 6-inch Straight Lures
Designed for Muskie, Walleye and other gamefish.

The 6-inch Swim Whizz is equally great as a smaller-size musky lure or larger-size lure for walleyes, bass and other gamefish. Available in XX color patterns, the lure has two line-tie eyelets—choose the front for shallower sitations and the rear to get the lure down deeper.The 6-inch Swim Whizz is also available in the Slow Sink version, which allows the angler to cast and count it down to the fish's level before retrieving. It's perfect for finessing a bite out of finicky fish by pausing, letting it sink, then reeling.


Swim Whizz 8-inch Straight Lures
Designed for Muskie, Pike and Lake Trout - big ones!

The 8-inch Swim Whizz was so successful at catching big Lake St. Clair muskies upon its introduction that it spawned many imitations from other companies. It is as effective at catching muskies as it was when it was from the start. In recent years, it has become a favorite for everything from European pike to big lake trout. Because it worked so well for Atlantic striped bass and other saltwater species, Swim Whizz introduced a Saltwater Series with salt-resistant hooks and hardware.The 8-inch Swim Whizz features two hook eyelets to vary the depth when retrieved or trolled. It is also available in a weighted, Slow Sink version and with or without rattles.


Swim Whizz 8-inch Jointed Lures
Designed for bigger fish, with bigger action!

The 8-inch Jointed Swim Whizz is perfect for when muskies and other big fish want a slightly longer-profile lure with maximum action. This lure is as speed tolerant as lures come, able to wobble at extremely slow speeds and with superb action when trolled or retrieved at a fast clip.Muskie anglers love this lure for casting in rivers and other skinny water, attached to the front eyelet to run shallow, bumping it off rocks. It's also a great night-fishing lure, again set to run shallow and fished on the surface. Its track record is impressive!